Who We are

& What we Do?

NIW INTERNATIONALS supplies various products in the field of Healthcare & Lifestyle to renowned Professionals and Institutions, (directly or indirectly through Resellers) since 2009. Products range from High Precision Surgical Instruments to Imported Advanced Technology Medical Equipments.


Plastic Surgery

We provide updated instruments & Devices for plastic surgery at best possible prices.

Dental Clinic

We cater to the Dental needs of the doctors as per their requirements.

Dermatologist & Asthetics Specialist

We provide world class Instruments & State of the Art Equipments for all specialist.


We've all regular Inventory for Laboratory requirements .

Urologist & Proctologist

Updated & Upgraded Devices for the New-Age Doctors.

The Best Doctors

Our products always fall in line for the best requirements for Doctors & Surgeons.

Our Categories

Emergency Case

We are always a Call Away for any Urgent need for our clients at any time of the Day.

Operating Hours

We're Open on All Days

Monday - Sunday

From 10am to 7pm

Service Schedules

We do provide a proper schedule if required for our estemmed clients as per the requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Newest Technologies

We're always up-to-date and provide the cutting edge Instruments.

Taking Care of Nature

We take special care and have pride to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Fair Prices

Our pricing is competetive and Fair.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer's are our Top Priority, hence we adhere to that.